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Getting To Work


Getting To Work

Allie Federle

In my "studio"

In my "studio"

Doing: Prepping to get my first orders out 

Listening To: Man Repeller's Oh Boy Podcast, Episode 39 (Tyler Haney) **side note: Ben recently asked me what I do while I'm at home working on my jewelry while he's at school, 24/7. Verbatim: "Do you talk to yourself?" Yes, a little talking to myself, but mostly listening to music or podcasts. I have recently been non-stop with the how-did-you-do-it type of podcasts and Oh Boy is pretty good. I have some other favorites that I will continue to highlight here.**

Excited Because: I just received my first big supplies order and I'm happy and relieved to finally own a drill press. Before I had been twisting a drill into each piece of metal, so this is going to save me both a lot of time and muscle power. No more blisters on the palm of my hand. 

I haven't used a drill press since my metalworking class last winter and this thing is so much louder and faster than I remember. After initial hesitation, I am officially in business and have gotten started on my first orders, which I'm hoping to get out before heading to Boston this weekend. Perk of being related to someone who works at Forbes? Getting an invite to the annual Forbes Under 30 conference, where I get to geek out among some of the coolest, most creative, smartest young women and men who are shaping our future one invention, business, idea, or performance at a time. This year's highlights? Ty Haney of Outdoor Voices, Payal Kadakia, Adam Neumann of WeWork, and Nicolas Jammet of Sweetgreen (DC, what up!?), among many, many others.

PS - 72andmaine is now on Twitter (@76andmaine), so I will be **tweeting live** from the event (October 16-19). Yeah.